Why We Love Waddesdon Manor

    Waddesdon Manor is local to me and as a National Trust member it’s free to enter.  It’s part of the Rothschild estate. Friendly staff and lots of varied visitors.
    When the weather is nice, I like to take the twins for a picnic and walk around the beautiful gardens. The girls are nearly 11 months (urgh, writing that down just freaked me a bit) anyway, at this stage for me I am struggling a bit to keep them entertained.
    Why We Love Waddesdon Manor

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    Teatox 14 day challenge review

    I’ve been trying to lose weight recently, like most of us right!? It’s been a struggle at times as I reach for the tea and biscuits after a long night and morning with the twins I look for energy in the wrong places some days. Timing is key with weight loss, you need to “be ready” mentally ready. The twins aren’t even 10 months yet but I was ready to kick start my weight loss.
    The company:
    Slimming Solutions based in Tyne and Wear gifted me with enough tea to take part in a 14 day challenge to kick start my weight loss. They have a great informative website and the staff that I dealt with were really helpful and lovely.

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    Tom Yum Vegetarian Soup with Steamed Rice

    Tom Yum Soup vegetarian style served with steamed rice. 


    Preparation Time: 20 minutes
    Cooking Time: 15 minutes
    Total Time: 35 minutes
    Preparation Time: 5 minutes
    Cooking Time: 15-25 minutes
    Total Time: 20- 30 minutes

    My Tom Yum soup is suitable for vegetarians and Vegans. I have used the following ingredients which have all been purchased from Waitrose.

    Interview with mymodelmummy

    It’s been a while since I’ve interviewed, so I thought I would make the most of my limited time by having a chat with Mary from I know she has some very interesting events coming up so it would be rude not to.
    BT: Hi lovely, how are things going in the hectic life of a model mummy?
    Hello! Firstly thanks for having me today and after a recent rough patch life is finally back on track. 

    BT: being a mummy is a full time job in itself. How the hell do you do it? For the benefit of those that don’t know, you are a local radio DJ! I regularly tune into the show and I love getting my requests in. However it’s not just about music is it? 
    MMM: I am just taking this parenting journey one day at a time but I am lucky enough to have family around me that love spending time with my toddler. And actually being a radio presenter for a parenting show helps me through Motherhood! If I have a question about parenting my listeners are usually on hand to give me the advice that I need. 
    BT: With the ever increasing hectic schedule, you also find time to blog as a mummy blogger. What would you say was the best post you wrote and why? 
    MME: sometimes I suffer with writers block and rather than writing something within trend I attempt to write something from the heart!
    I wrote a post titled “a plant called Peter” which tells the story of a plant we all take care of as a family. The plant was given to us by a relative and reminds us of somebody very special. So I’m torn between that one and a post I wrote about my babies first birthday!
    BT: Adding more strings to your bow you are now launching a new toy to market. Are you able to satisfy us and reveal a little more about this very exciting venture!?
    MMM: this business has been a real challenge however I am so excited about this product! Aimed at children and gardeners I will be selling pull along wooden wagons! 
    BT:  I’m privy to the fact there is wedding bells on the horizon for you which is incredibly exciting. How’s it all going? And do you have any tips for brides to be? 
    MMM: actually the plans are going very well and thank you again for the loan of the twins for flower girls. As you know I have chosen my bridal party and booked the church. We are opting for a real chilled wedding with good food and close friends and family so I am keeping it simple. My best advice would be get organised in plenty of time before your big day. Oh and a little tip…. You can save loads of cash just by getting married on a weekday!
    BT: On a more serious note you encountered some pretty horrific cyber bullying. I know it’s still very raw but could you tell us a bit more about your experience?
    I read this question and had to return a couple of hours later to answer it. I came face to face recently with the person/ people that were bullying. After two years of having my name trawled through the mud and putting up with this the women in question had nothing to say to me. Not even a blink of an eye. After it was all done with I finally had an emotional breakdown. It took years for me to recognise that bully’s are insecure, selfish and actually cowards. They need to concentrate on hurting other people to make themselves feel better. The real mark of maturity is when you want to try to understand why these people act like this. 
    It took a while but I’m finally over it. 
    Our system fails us when it comes to cyber bullying/stalking and I will be pushing for a new law. 
    My local paper printed an article about the bully in question and the national press were very keen (too keen) to get involved. At the time I was not ready to tell my story as the ladies in question all have children. 
    Two years later and my story is ready. It has helped putting pen to paper and talking about my experience. 
    BT: Thank you so much and as ever it’s been lovely chatting. Very much looking forward to keeping up with the progress. 

    My first Mother’s Day

    Welcome to my blog, this is my first ever post. As it’s mother’s day, my first ever one I thought it appropriate! 
    I love waking up to cuddles with the girls every morning regardless, however today was extra special for me, it’s my first ever Mother’s Day. 

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