Natural Baby


It is one of the strongest desires of all parents to ensure they are doing the very best for their children.  This starts right at the beginning of your pregnancy, when you pick up your first baby book.  Taking care in what you eat and how that can affect your unborn baby and researching the best ways to give birth which reduces stress on both you and your child during labour.  It stands to reason that when they are born we want to continue this and make sure they have the best products to keep them healthy and set good foundations for the future.

Natural Baby

A newborn will spend a lot of time wrapped in cotton, so it is a really good idea to make sure you are using the best kind for their skin.  There are growing debates on whether organic cotton makes much difference over regular and currently there is no great scientific research pointing to a solid conclusion.  One thing you can ensure though is that your washing detergent is kind to their skin.  There are some great natural products on the market which use organic ingredients and remove the harsh chemicals that can contribute towards asthma or eczema.  

Sleep is vital for a growing baby and there are also great concerns over sudden infant death syndrome.  Advice from how you should lay them to sleep in their baby cribs seems to change from year to year.  The best thing to do is follow the current advice given by your midwife or health care team, however don’t obsess over this.  Babies move around a lot and it might be impossible to ensure they aren’t rolling into the wrong position.  Unless you plan on hovering over them all evening.  Just make sure you check frequently and if you are worried seek advice.

What you choose to feed your baby on is probably the most important first decision you will have to make for their health.  There is a huge debate around what is best, breast or bottle.  The truth is you have to make that decision based on what is best for you.  If you can’t breast feed, do not sweat it.  There are loads of organic bottle milks which are formulated to include certain vitamins and nutrients you can’t give your baby through breast milk alone.  Whilst it is arguable that breast is the most natural and if you can, you should, don’t feel bullied into corner.  

Natural Baby

Feeding solids is an area you can ensure you are doing the right thing in though.  Feed your baby the cleanest foods you can source.  Fresh from the ground, local if possible and organic.  If you are able then make your own baby food, then you can be sure of what you are putting into their bodies.  Teaching them the art of healthy eating at a young age is a great gift for the future and will give them a better relationship with healthy, fresh foods.  Avoid sugary snacks for as long as you can!

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