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Do you have a goal strategy?

I know this is a cliche but, life really is crazy and it changes in a heartbeat. This past year has been mad, to say the least, and I don’t feel like I have had a chance to really think about what I REALLY want to happen this coming year. Yeah, sure I have an incline in the bDo you have a goal strategy?ack of my mind but there are no solid written down goals and goals are important and they do need a strategy of some sorts in order to tackle them to ensure they are achieved.

Do you have a goal strategy?

Lately, it feels like all my plate spinning is becoming increasingly harder with the added pressure I am piling on myself. But that’s life and most of us are in the same boat.

I feel like a real shift is coming again, I get these weird senses where it feels like something monumental is going to happen – butterflies in my stomach for good things and feeling uneasy on my feet for the not so fun stuff. Luckily for me, I am feeling like something great but challenging is about to happen.

I would like to feel less overwhelmed by everything that is going on some I am going to set myself some goals. I read somewhere it’s good to write brainstorming lists rather than lists that you or I would usually write – changing a habit of a lifetime can be classed as a goal right?  So I am going to get my shit together and draw me some clouds with arrows/lines coming off them with some form of action to help me get to my goals.

I do love a good spreadsheet too, so I am thinking of having some goal dates to keep me focused and hope that by these visuals I will start to feel like I am heading in a positive direction. Break each section down into short term and long term and categorise each goal.

When life gets overwhelming, how do you cope? Are your goals in sight? Do you have a goal strategy? Please feel free to share any goal strategy tips you use especially if they are a mega success.

Once I have compiled my spreadsheet and create my graphics – I’ll be sure to share them on the blog. Wish me luck.


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