The Easy Way To Rock A Mini Dress

There are certain fashion looks that we all know need a bit of confidence to wear. It is very easy to slip into a style rut every now and again – where we get so used to wearing the same type of thing, that anything remotely out of that comfort zone seems terrifying in comparison. But pushing yourself out of this safe fashion space can sometimes be especially rewarding and liberating, especially if the look in question is one you’ve coveted for a long time. A typical example of this kind of look is the mini dress. Think of a mini dress, and you probably think of something short and tight, reminiscent of some of the more daring fashions of the 1980s. But in reality, this type of dress is something that can be worn in many different ways and can be adapted no matter what your age or body shape is. Here are some ways you can learn to rock the mini dress and feel comfortable doing so.

The Easy Way To Rock A Mini Dress

Choose your length wisely

Typically, a mini dress will sit somewhere above the knee – hence its name. But this still leaves quite a bit of room for scope. Is your dress going to sit quite precisely above the knee, or are you going for something that has it’s hem more around the mid-thigh area?  The most important thing is to go for something you feel comfortable in. You could be wearing the most fabulous dress in the world, but if you look self-conscious and are constantly tugging at the bottom of it, the whole effect will be ruined. Pick a length that you know you won’t feel awkward in, even if it is just above the knee. You can always go shorter in the future if that’s what you feel like doing.

The Easy Way To Rock A Mini Dress

Have a fit in mind

Just as with all types of dresses, mini dresses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It isn’t all just about a tight bodycon fit – click here, and you will see a whole range of different styles suitable for pretty much any body shape. If being on-trend is a personal concern of yours, opt for a skater-style dress with a Bardot neckline. Off the shoulder styles have been huge for the past year, and the trend shows no sign of letting up – while a skater cut is flattering for almost every body type.

Bring your whole outfit together

Mini dresses can be a bit of a statement piece, especially if it is summertime and you are choosing to get your legs out. Therefore, you’ll need to decide how you are going to style your dress to create a top to toe look. If the dress in question is bold and bright, avoid pairing it with any clashing prints – a plain leather jacket and a pair of black heeled boots can create a rock and roll, smart-casual evening look that’s easy to achieve. Or, if your mini dress is a floaty number more suited to the daytime, pair it with a fine-knit cardigan and a pair of cute ballet pumps.

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